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How Often Does the Sun Shine in Key West, Florida

The average annual sunshine levels in Key West, Florida by month.

The average annual sunshine level in Key West, Florida is 76%. That means the sun is shining 76% of the time it could possibly be shining in Key West on a yearly basis. The rest of the time, clouds cover the resort city and block the sun.

The sunniest month of the year in Key West is April with 84% sunshine, followed closely by both March and May at 82%. Both February and July receive 77% sunshine, while June and August receive 76% sunshine.

The least sunniest month of the year in Key West is December at 70%, followed closely by both October and November at 71%. September has a 72% sunshine level, and January gets 74% sunshine.

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As you can see, Key West, Florida gets abundant annual sunshine all year. If you love beautiful weather and plenty of sunshine, you owe yourself a trip to Key West. It's a great place to visit, and personally I love the drive down Route 1 to get to Key West. One of the best drives in the United States.

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How the Annual Sunshine Level in Key West Compares to Other Florida Cities

By far, Key West is the sunniest city in the Sunshine States of Florida. In fact, Key West is so sunny, it is tied for the 11th sunniest city in the United States.

Miami - 70%

Orlando - 70%

Apalachicola - 66%

Tampa - 66%

Jacksonville - 63%

Pensacola - 60%

Image Source by Deror Avi

Other Cities in the United States With Around 76% Annual Sunshine Levels

All the following cities in the United States have 76% annual average sunshine levels, or or very similar. That does not mean these United States cities have the same climate as Key West, just the same annual sunshine levels.

Flagstaff, Arizona - 78%

Sacramento, California - 78%

Albuquerque, New Mexico - 76%

Pueblo, Colorado - 76%

Midland-Odessa, Texas - 74%

Roswell, New Mexico - 74%

For more see Key West, Florida is the Warmest Weather City in the United States

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