Tallest Buildings in Miami
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Tallest Buildings in Miami

The tallest buildings located in Miami, Florida most of which are residential skyscrapers and hotels.

These are the tallest buildings in Miami, Florida. All of these buildings are over 630 feet in height and the two tallest buildings in the city are among the tallest 70 buildings in the United States.

In recent times Miami has undergone a boom in construction and that includes the skyscrapers in the city. Only one of the tallest buildings in Miami was built prior to 2000. There are dozens of tall skyscrapers and hotels in the planning stages for Miami but after the recent economic downturn it is uncertain how many of those building will ever be built.

Image Source by Tom Schaefer

1) Four Seasons Hotel Miami - 789 feet

Image Source by Averette

The Four Seasons Hotel Miami is the tallest building in Miami and in the state of Florida and the 51st tallest building in the United States at a height of 789 feet. Located at 1441 Brickell Avenue the 70 story Four Seasons Hotel Miami was built from 2000-2003 and contains a Four Seasons Hotel as well as luxury condominium units, office space and retail establishments.

2) Wachovia Financial Center - 764 feet

Image Source

At 764 feet the Wachovia Financial Center skyscraper is the 2nd tallest building in Miami and the state of Florida and the 64th tallest building in the United States. Located at 200 South Biscayne Boulevard the 55 story Wachovia Financial Center was built from 1981-1984 and is the only skyscraper on this list that was built prior to 2000. Located downtown near the best hotels in Miami the Wachovia Financial Center stands on ground formerly occupied by The Hotel Royal Palm.

3) Marquis Miami - 700 feet

Image Source by Averette

Located at 1100 Biscayne Boulevard the Marquis Miami is the 3rd tallest building in Miami and the state of Florida. Built from 2006-2008 the 67 story Marquis Miami is a luxury residential skyscraper with a hotel in its lower floors. Units in the building range from 1,600 square feet to 7,500 square feet for penthouse suites and opening prices ranged from $600,000 to $7 million plus.

4) 900 Biscayne Bay - 650 feet

Image Source by Averette

900 Biscayne Bay is the 4th tallest building in Miami and in the state of Florida at 650 feet in height. Built from 2005-2007 the 63 floor 900 Biscayne Bay skyscraper is located along the Biscayne Wall which is a series of skyscrapers located along Biscayne Bay on Biscayne Boulevard in downtown Miami. 900 Biscayne Bay is a residential skyscraper with 516 condominium units and penthouse suites on the top floors ranging in price from $400,000 to $3 million.

5) Wells Fargo Center - 647 feet

Image Source by Averette

Also known as the Met 2 Financial Center the 647 foot high Wells Fargo Center is located at 333 Avenue of the Americas and is the 5th tallest building in Miami and in Florida. Built from 2006-2009 the 46 floor Wells Fargo Center or Met 2 Financial Center is adjacent to the Marriott Marquis Hotel which is part of the complex. NBA great Shaquille O'Neal is involved in the ownership of Met 2.

6) Mint Tower at Riverfront - 631 feet

Image Source by Averette

The Mint Tower is located at 350 South Miami Avenue and is the tallest building in the Riverfront West Complex on the banks of the Miami River. At 631 feet in height the 55 story Mint Tower is the 6th tallest building in Miami and in the state of Florida. Built from 2006-2008 the Mint Tower is a residential building with condo units and will be connected to retail malls and stores and the Miami Riverwalk when the entire Riverfront West Complex is completed.

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Comments (3)

Miami is my favorite place. I like those beautiful building too. :-)

I love the look of Miami, it looks so cool on CSI Miami.


900 Biscayne Bay has a very good location, an enviable view, large balconies and very pleasant common areas. But if you decide to enjoy the above mentioned you will have to decide to live with countless problems and disadvantages. It is “THE WORST EVER” building to reside.

In my personal experience as a current tenant since the building opened 3 years ago, I've been through and suffered many problems. Today, after so helpless not being able to resolve and not have answers to most of all the problems, and before leaving the building this year as my contract ends in 4 longed months, I decided to express my frustrations and let know as many people as my ability will allow me, all the problems this building had and still has, this misnamed 5 star building.

The worst of all is the bad management of this building being conducted by its general manager L.B. and the administrative assistant D.M. To speak to general manager after reporting problems via emails or phone calls which are never answered or resolved one has to take time off work and make an appointment because the administration’s schedule is not flexible and may not be altered in any way. If a problem arises on a Friday which is when they usually happen, there will be no response regardless how important it may be.

These two people have not the slightest idea how to manage a building, much less a building of this category. When trying to solve a problem, they create other problems far more complicated that neither of them know how to solve. They never answer your claims, and much less contact you neither by email or telephone. Their way to solve issues is by telling you “you’re right, we will try for it not to happen again” or they just simply tell you they don’t have an answer for you. The building is managed entirely by a Web Site that does not work properly with all web browsers, and they themselves haven’t the slightest idea of how it works. They tell you to contact the Web site administrator directly and resolve as you can. They have no control or knowledge at all about this system, but enforce 100% use by the residents. This system is used, among other things, to provide access to all your guests and family into your home. I have encountered too many problems and inconveniences with this system, both in the past and still in the present that even my father was refused entry to the building about 2 months ago when he was bringing medicine for my sick child, and he was on the guest list. My father has refused to return to the building because of the treatment he received and all of this happens because they have not synchronized the information on file with the information from the Web Site, it happens constantly. Then, there is also the poor quality of the building, even though it apparently looks great. The elevators remain broken most of the time, for more than three years now my family and I have shared the elevators with contractors, construction materials and dust of all kinds. Not to mention that last year I was stuck in elevator number 2 for an hour and a half before the workers from the company that repair the elevators came to get me out and I could not believe none of the two individuals mentioned above were there to apologize or acknowledge the bad time I went through when that happened. Of course I had to waste time and go to the administration office to express all my helplessness. This will never end because the developer of the building was apparently trying to save as much money as possible in elevators whose marks are not visible by any, only God knows where they were taken. Due to cracks in the building structure that have not been fixed to date, the pool on the lower deck has remained closed since last year when the company that was going to fix it stopped working last December. Management either has no idea when this issue will be resolved or they feel the residents have no right to an explanation; which is very unethical since we (the residents) pay for this service and pay dearly.

Although the building was completed 3 years ago the residents are still suffering from the remodeling of the main entrance which has been under renovation for months without a sure end date. The entrance doors on both the first and third floors are either broken or temporarily closed. In recent years this building has had to completely redo the pool from the upper deck due to leaks. There was also strong sewage smell in the corridors and even in the units (which have been arranged in some way but from time to time, when it rains a lot it can be sensed). There were leaks in the 15th floor common areas and in the same lobby as well, also the roofs of the units were cracked.

On the 20th floor there was a rupture of a water pipe that completely destroyed the unit and poured water through the hallway at least 5 or 6 floors down.

Bathrooms to occupied units had to be redone due to leakage. The master bath tiles are the worst and cheapest in the world. No matter how clean, they are always dirty and the water runs along the floor of the bathroom due to bad design and construction finish.

At times money left in your car disappears, the valet parking personnel does not open your car door upon arrival, yet they linger on the driver door side for a tip when bringing your car back without offering help if a person is tied up with a stroller or car seat. Sometimes it takes 20 minutes or more for valet to bring your car.

Many of you may have heard on the news that Dwayne Wade rented a penthouse in this building but the truth is that the only time I saw him was last October, when his first match with LeBron and Bosh. That day the system of all the elevators of the building had a problem which caused them to stop for hours. That day I personally saw Wade wait much more than half an hour to get his car. Since then I have not seen him any more.

Now, after I have explained “some” of the reasons that motivated me to take more of my time and vent my frustration in this letter, you have all the information I never had to help me make the best choice. Therefore, you can make a better decision whether you want to waste your money into this building or looking for any other one in the area that for sure will not have half of the problems that this so called “ 5 stars building” faces.